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About Moneystry

Moneystry is a self help personal finance site. With Moneystry, I want the audience to remain the focus, we try our best to help everyone who visits to get the answer they seek, and help them to achieve even more than they expected.

Our vision, purpose and strategy is all about you the audience.

We adopt a writing strategy where we use short sentences to aid comprehension of facts and this over the years has proven to help “digest” the message. This is so just so that even the least educated would understand what is being discussed…

Ad Choices

The ads displayed on Moneystry are tailored to suit the taste of the reader/visitors.

We display banner ads and contextual ads from our “in-house” ad service that serves extremely targeted ads and from various external ad networks

Banner ads served from our in-house network are meant to extremely meet the needs of the user, this is aimed at improving user experience.

Unfortunately, we have little control over ads displayed by some ad networks, however, we strive to make sure the ads served are relevant or informative-at least.