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Hello and thanks for visiting our write for us page. Being here means you have intentions to write for Moneystry, or you nurse the plans of doing so in the nearest future, and that’s amazing as we’ll love to have your work published on our amazing and wonderful platform.

We accept guest posts for the purpose of educating and helping our audience, build your influence or reputation, tap from our audience and expose yourself.

If you are writing for the sake of a backlink and/a brand, you may consider sponsoring a post.

Please find below the guidelines you are required to meet to publish with us. We want as much as possible to publish every guest post sent to us, hence the need for this quality guideline(s).

This is not to disqualify anyone but to encourage and also give potential guest writers/posters a clear direction to achieve their purpose of publishing with us.

Article/Content Quality

We pay close attention to the quality of the content we publish, we are not at the height of publishing yet, however, we strive to improve on every area as we make new posts, and hence we expect same from potential guest writers. We would appreciate a well-written post, blessed with every possible information on the subject matter.

A well-researched article is what we expect of you, with facts and figures well and carefully researched, and where there is doubt we expect clearly stated.


We expect the articles from you to contain so much information hence the article shouldn’t be scanty. Consequently, it is expected that the article length should be at least 1200 (In simple and concise English). In the bid to make the post lengthy, some writers might want to repeat the same facts over and over again, this we frown upon. It is expected that you write with flair and for the love of it and the readers only.

Word Type

For the sake of simplicity and clarity, we write in simple English(as stated above) and we expect same from you. We try to make our posts so easy that even a 5-year-old would read and comprehend, not underrating our audience, but we believe it is pertinent our readers read and understand with no difficulty at all, so no one will misinterpret our point.


This is a blog. Operated by a “Pro-blogger”, so we pay attention to blogging best practices. It is also expected you do same. We expect you do keyword research before writing, and performing all the pre and post writing SEO best practices won’t be a bad idea, just to speed up the entire process from our end.

However, if you are simply a writer, we’ll appreciate if we are informed so we can carry out the needful on the post.


Upon the approval of your post, We expect you reply to comments on your post as it is your idea and you will be in the best position to reply to the questions and contributions.

Copy Right

• By Publishing with us you agree that we become the owner of the post and we reserve the right to do whatsoever we wish thereafter.
• By publishing with us you agree never to re-publish the said post with any other blog.
• You agree not to copy someone else’s work to republish with us and also agree to face the full wrath of the law if caught in the act, either before, during publishing or after publishing.
• You agree that we reserve the right to edit and make corrections as we so desire to the post where and whenever.
• You agree not to include any hate speech(s), racial remarks, discriminatory comments, speech against a particular gender, etc.
• You agree to always visit this page to learn about our new and updated guidelines.
Articles that meet the above-stated guidelines should be sent to us, here.

Posts sent to us are reviewed and a reply should be expected in the shortest of time.