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21 things the poor do that the rich don’t do

What the poor do that the rich don't

Do you know what the poor do that the rich don’t?

I’m sure you want to be rich, right?

Okay, maybe not as rich as Elon Musk, but richer than your professor -of course, you want to prove smarter.

But what do you know about rich people? What do you think makes the rich different from the poor? At the end of this post, you’d see exactly what the poor do that the rich don’t. You would see the habits of the wealthy vs the poor.

You might find out you have indulged in over 60% of the activities on this list.
Not to worry, the beautiful thing is that you have stumbled upon this post and it will defiantly make a difference.

Before I go further, I want to say something. Please, listen. (Or should I say, please, READ).

This is it, the difference between you and that rich fellow you hate (or maybe not hate, but you just don’t agree with him), the difference is in
• What you know -the information you seek and have
• What you do, -the actions you take with the information you get
• Your persistence and resilience in the face of setbacks.

These are the factors that make your result change from what it used to be to what it could become. The first, what you know, is this post, then the second, what you do with it, is the actions you will take after reading this post, instead of finding reasons to justify your inactions.

What is poverty?

There are more than one types of poverty. Since poverty according to Merriam-Webster dictionary, is scarcity, and dearth. It is the lacking of something, and once you lack something severely, you are poor in it.

I identified poverty in the areas of finance (wealth) which is the most famous in the types of poverty, but this is not the only manifestation of poverty. There are also intellectual poverty, academic poverty.

Poverty begins as a mindset!

All these forms of poverty are however interwoven. They all manifest in several ways, then travel toward the same direction and ultimately manifest in financial poverty.

This makes me conclude that your financial wealth is a physical manifestation of your intellectual wealth. Conversely your financial lack is a physical manifestation of your intellectual lack.

[Tweet theme=”basic-full”]Your financial wealth is a physical manifestation of your intellectual wealth.[/Tweet]

Let me explain a little. So far, Jeff Bezos is the richest. The level of his wealth is only a measure of the height of his idea (which is his intellectual wealth). Zuckerberg brought about the idea of connecting the world, the level of his wealth today is a measure of the height of that idea of his.

What makes people rich?

You are poor, because you either do not have an idea or dream or because you don’t have the drive or are unwilling to accomplish it.

To be financially wealthy, you must find something to translate. You either translate an idea, or your business acumen, or academic intelligence, etc.
( in number 15 below, you’d see something related to living your dream, your duty is to translate it and your ideas to its financial equivalent to become financially rich).

Nothing goes for nothing!

Many people will not agree with this post, not because it is wrong, but because they are somewhat indolent and would not give in to change and improvement.

The truth is, I realize I am affected by a few of them, but trust me, I’m getting rid of them. And if you are reading this post one month after it is published, then I must have gotten rid of all the nonsense habits. I want to be very rich, hence my search for the habits of billionaires.

What The Poor Do That The Rich Don’t

I’m not a billionaire yet. However, I come from a little bit of an average background, in an average neighborhood, with lots of average people. So I can relate this to the lifestyle of average and poor people.
What are those things the poor do that the rich don’t? Well, in the following paragraphs, you’d find out.

21 things the poor do that the rich don’t

1. Average people eat a lot of fast food

I’m sorry for starting to use a point that would hurt you. But the truth is, everything on this list will hurt you if you indulge in them. Average people eat fast food more than the rich do. Instead, the rich eat organic food, which helps them health-wise.

The rich are particular about how their meals are prepared, they don’t eat poorly cooked foods with lots of additives, and most of the rich out there are pro-organic. You should be too. Organic food is best for your health and helps your mind. Eating good and natural food is one of the things rich people do.

2. The poor watch a lot of TV

The average guy you see on TV is probably richer than you. By watching the TV, you are watching him doing his job, making his money, while your earnings are paused for that moment. Yes, this includes NEWS! Cut down on how much you watch the news.

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Instead, read them online when you use the toilet, and close the browser as soon as you get out. If you know all the celebrity news, who is dating who, How much they all earn, and everything happening in the celebrity world, I’m sorry, but you are poor and are only worsening the situation. The celebrity you are seeing might be worth 5 million dollars, but you are not worth that much. This is one of the contrasting habits of the wealthy vs. poor.

3. Poor people Wake up late, and they love to sleep

As an adult, you need around seven hours of sleep daily. Do not do more than that. Sleeping less could be detrimental to your decision-making ability in the long run. So it is important you get enough sleep, but that’s it. You need seven hours of sleep as an adult. No more.

4. The poor are the biggest sports fanatics

Do I love sports? Yes. Is it bad? NO. Then what is wrong with it? Fanaticism. This is living for the sports news, arguing at the slightest chance, knowing everything a coach should have done but didn’t do. Knowing how a striker should have taken the shot (why not take the shot yourself).

The rich don’t do this. They might see a game, but as soon as the game is over, it is over. But for the poor, as soon as the game is over, it starts again in their caucus. These athletes will get a drink immediately after the game for crying out loud.
When you see a game, (which shouldn’t be a religious thing), as soon as it is over, it must be over to you too. This is another contrasting habits of the wealthy vs poor.

5. Hygiene

The rich people are very careful about their hygiene. They take their environment very seriously.

You might live in a neighborhood that is not as clean as the highbrow areas, but what have you done about your immediate compound? How about your hygiene? How clean are you, your clothes, do you cover your water, do you use antiseptics?

You do not just wash your hands, but use running water? I know you understand me by now, if you don’t, your health will plummet.

One of what the poor do that the rich don’t is poor hygiene and that leads us to the next.

6. The poor do not take care of their health

One of the things the rich people do but the poor don’t is to give priority to their health. While the rich are very conscious of their health and visit the doctor regularly, the poor do not; they claim not to have money to do so. But when they fall sick, they somehow find money to pay the excess hospital bills.

It is, however, more economical to stay in health by seeing your doctor for a proper check up. You save yourself the pain, save your family the emotional trauma, the time wasting, and above all, you are healthy, your organs are healthy, and you are poised to be active to make more money. The poor people default on the number one on this list by eating lots of fast food (which is somewhat unhealthy), default on number five by being unhygienic and they still ignore their health care.

Also, when you visit the doctor regularly, they will detect health risks earlier, and it’d help cure it or prolong your life. Take for instance Cancer, or HIV, when detected earlier enough, you will be given quick care, which will negate the impact of the condition.

So nonchalance is one of what the poor do that the rich don’t.

7. The poor people in town have no saving reserves

A big error in what the poor do that the rich don’t is to save.

Allow me point out something quickly about savings. It is a waste of resources. According to Warren Buffet, by saving, you give your money to the banks, who make the most of it and give you peanut as dividend or interest. Saving all your spare money in banks is bad. You should invest them instead; you shouldn’t allow them to lie there doing nothing.

However, it is proper to have a reserve, and that is where I’m driving at. You know what will sustain you for a month, before the next set of earnings arrive, don’t you? keep that plus that amount that you can use to quickly start a quick investment or pay family member or your hospital bill should there be an emergency. That is the reason a reserve is important. The poor don’t keep this, they instead, spend into the future.

Investing instead of saving is one of the things rich people do.

8. Poor people are the most religious

This is not to tell you not to hold onto your spiritual beliefs (who am I to?). However, you’d agree with me that one of what the poor do that the rich don’t is being too religious given that itis the poor who are the most religious.

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These are the people you see get to worship places – the most. They seem holy; they are fanatics of religion, and many of them are not only opinionated but also hold dogmatic views. The increase in the number of religious fanatics has given rise to religious sects everywhere.

Is religion a path to poverty? Yes and No. Yes because most of them do not teach you how to be rich. And No because you are the architect of your destiny. The captain of your soul. No one should decide your path to abundance (more about those who rely on others in the next point).

Many poor people go to religious places and scream “Hallelujah” the most. Hello, while faith is good, do you also remember that passage which says “faith without work is dead”? With that verse, I think you should know why you or they are poor.

9. What the poor do that the rich don’t ? Irresponsibility!

One of what the poor do that the rich don’t is irresponsibility.

To the poor, everybody hates him, but him. Everybody is her enemy but herself. However, this is the exact opposite.

A poor person is his own worst enemy. His actions and constant desire to remain poor (as a result of his reluctance to take active steps) are proofs that he is his own worst enemy. When you take decisions that go wrong, take and accept complete responsibility. Learn from them and decide to make a better choice subsequently.

10. The poor want the government to do everything

The poor people expect the government to do everything. The only thing a poor person wants to do by himself is to make babies. Then the government should take care of their children, send them to school, feed, etc.; otherwise, the government is bad. The government to the poor are responsibility bearers. Like (No.9) above, the poor do not want to take responsibility for anything. Little wonder they are what they are.

11. Poor people -they borrow for stupid reasons

have an idea what the poor do that the rich don’t if not borrowing?

It goes without saying almost every poor person is in bad debt. Many have no idea or strategy to pay back. It is completely irrational to borrow money for pleasure. But this a habit for poor people. How on earth will you borrow to purchase an iPhone 7! Isn’t that preposterous?

Borrowing is good. It is good to borrow but only to invest. In fact, most big business people borrow for their business to expand. And this is a very beautiful way to grow. Using other people’s money (OPM) to start a business is smart. But you don’t borrow for pleasure.

Do you want another idea how people borrow for pleasure? Okay, have you ever seen anyone borrow to host a wedding ceremony or a birthday? Or to buy cloth, erm, I bet you understand? This is quintessential of the poor.

12. The Poor have more kids

Do I need to tell you they focus their life on only being under the sheet? Economics tells us that in a poor environment, there is an increase in birthrate. This makes me think that the only source of recreation known to the poor is romping under the sheet. Understandably so, they have no money for a movie ticket, or can’t afford to visit a park.

But they shouldn’t live on being physical with thier significant other, and I think they should constantly look for ways to be better off financially. Look around you; you’d notice the poorest people have the most kids. (Thank goodness, this is improving. Many people are getting involved in family planning). But the premarital pregnancy issue is just same. One of what the poor do that the rich don’t is having too many kids.

13. The poor spend what they haven’t earned

Isn’t it funny they spend in advance? They spend before they get it. It is important you cut your coat according to your cloth, but this is not so with the poor.

They instead cut their coat according to their ignorance, and they are always mostly ignorant. Because they default in (No. 7 and 11) above, they consequently spend what they haven’t earned. Think about credit cards, borrowing, heaping a heavy budget on a lean income, zero scales of preference, etc.

14. They surround themselves with fellow poor people

You already know you are the average of the top 5 people you spend your time with. And this is evidently manifest in poor people. Because many poor people think the rich people are bad, hate them and are wicked, they hardly have rich friends. Look at the circle of poor people, and you will notice the law of physics which confirms that like attracts like.

15. The poor people don’t live their dreams

The poor people do not live to their full potential. Their potentials and ideas, they allow to die. This is why entertainers are rich; they translate their intelligence and potentials to its financial equivalent. A painful part of what the poor do that the rich don’t is giving up on their dreams and ultimately leading a miserable and depressed life.

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Many times, they blame this to lack of funds. But the truth is, no one has a money problem, you instead have an idea problem. When money is needed, you must dig up the ideas to generate it.

16. Poor people spend to impress

One of what the poor do that the rich don’t is in what they do. The poor are poor, but they don’t know. Or maybe they don’t agree. And are not ready to come out of poverty. This is evident in how they spend.

When you spend to impress, you pay what you don’t have for things you don’t need. This only helps you sink even further in poverty.

17. Poor people are uneducated

One of what the poor do that the rich don’t concern their education.

I must put this real quick. Education is different from schooling. I have written about that and have stressed it time and again. The poor mistake education for schooling. They are not getting an education; many are getting schooled instead. Many rich people are both schooled and educated, but Every rich person is educated.
Now, what is the difference? First, I’d want you to read what I talked about on the difference between education and schooling.

Education is learning a trade, something you like, love and want to do for pleasure. Then convert this to business. Education is self-discovery. Education is knowing what you want. It is not taught, it is decided, and chased. It is more like a journey. Education is life.

Schooling, on the other hand, is simply getting into school, get a degree and probably graduate with a good grade (well, that’s the goal of many).

Both are very important if you can afford them. Education helps you know who you are and what you want. Schooling helps you better present who you are and what you want. Schooling refines, and Education defines.

Schooling refines, and Education defines

18. The poor people are the most uninformed

Of course, this is obvious. Many poor people are cynics. One of what the poor do that the rich don’t consequently is that, they refuse to get information when there is any. They always believe you are about to rip them off the little (they don’t have). They won’t pay for extra courses to help them improve their lives. They won’t go on vacations to learn more about their world and see places. They won’t read a book that will refine them (because they won’t buy these books). They just won’t be informed.

Not reading good books (if they do at all) is one of the worst things the poor do and the rich don’t.

19. Poor people will not agree their poverty is their fault

Once you see anyone defending his/her deplorable state, you know you are seeing a poor person. They just do not take responsibilities. They blame every other person but themselves.

20. Argue a lot over things that do not concern them

They argue over things that have no impact on their lives. What’s the sense in dwelling over celebrities and their net worth? Many of them even get emotional when you “berate” their favorite celebrity.

I don’t know if it is outrightly wrong to talk about your favorite celebs, but it is not only out rightly wrong to dwell and become emotional over them, it is also evil.

21. Poor people save money at the expense of time

Unless you understand that time is money, you might not figure out why the extremely rich people have maids, drivers, cooks, gardeners, why they own Private jets, etc. (This is only an illustration of how they save time, it is not typical).

The poor are in the habit of using more time to achieve small tasks that will only help save small money. The rich guys spend their money to save more time, which they ultimately use in earning more money. Think about those things you have done to save that little extra bucks, but cost you time.

In conclusion

You can be poor in the mind, or you’re poor in cash. If you are poor in the mind, it will sooner or later be revealed in your finance. Because you will make irrational decisions involving issues with your cash. If you are poor in cash, it is a reflection of your poverty of the mind. Simply put, Poverty begins as a mindset.
And this is just the opposite if you are rich in cash.

Over to you

All right guys, there you have my top 21 things the poor people do that the rich do not. I know there is something you think should be on the list which isn’t there. I also know you might think one or two of these 21 of what the poor do that the rich don’t might be extreme, but what are those things you know rich people do instead ? I want to know what you think about the list. What are your thoughts about wealth and poverty? Kindly share your thoughts with us using the comment box below.


  1. Hi Bisco,
    All the points you have shared do happen in the real world. And wasting time money, wasting money. You are right a poor watches Tv whereas a rich earn by showing thing on Tv.
    I liked your post.
    You are doing a great job.
    Keep it up.

  2. I know a lot of rich families with way too many kids. I know a lot of “poor” people who have to get up at 5am to go to work. “Poor” people eat more fast food because their neighborhoods lack good grocery stores. Rich people are healthier because they have better health care. Rich people spend to impress more than anyone. Have you ever been to the Hamptons?


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