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How a Vacation Can Boost Your Productivity in One Weekend

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Have you ever considered taking a vacation but couldn’t convince yourself to do so? Do you know what simple weekend getaway deals can do for your business or your job?

It have been discovered that for every ten hours you spend on vacation, you’re boosting your productivity by 8%? Well, if you’re just getting to know that, then there is a lot more this article will reveal to you.

You probably did not know to what extent going on a vacation can help improve your business, you’re about to.

For most people, (probably you), time and finance are the biggest reasons why they don’t go on a vacation. But here is a shocker, according to the wall street journal, Americans alone throw away about $52.4B because they refuse to go on vacation, what more? The mental and physical health of those hardworking individuals keeps deteriorating. This seems like a Penny wise, pound foolish scenario.

If you are an entrepreneur who doesn’t encourage your staff to go on vacation, you join those who push their businesses back financially, and a combined total of around $224B is lost in liabilities on employees who wouldn’t “rest”.

There are lots of gains you stand to achieve from going on a vacation, and one of them is an improved physical and mental wellbeing.
One of the major reasons people don’t take time off is because they think too much of the financial implication, but this isn’t true.
Cheap getaway deals will do –if you’re concerned about finance.

You do not have to spend a fortune to enjoy the benefits of vacations. There are cheap getaway deals you can take advantage of. Also, time doesn’t have to be a problem, because by taking advantage of the simple weekend getaway deals, you’re one within 2 or 3 days and you’d come back fresh.

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There are lots of benefits those small weekend getaway deals you ignore can bring to your business or job, irrespective of how busy or how free you are.
Vacations do not have to be expensive or time-consuming, although, if you can stay away for long, then there’s no problem if you don’t have time, taking advantage of the weekend getaway deals will do the magic.

So, because vacations are not supposed to tear our pockets, our focus through this article will be on what weekend getaway deals can do for and by extension –your business.

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Why your job needs those weekend getaway deals

1. You need the Freshness

Upon returning from your weekend getaway, you’d find that you are energized and refreshed for your work. You’d be buzzing and raring to go, filled with life and vigor. How about new ideas, you’d be filled with them.

2. A dose of Inspiration

When you take advantage of the weekend getaway deals – for instance, you go on sightseeing, there’re possibilities of getting new inspiration as you see new and colorful scenes and places. You can also get inspired by seeing and interacting with other businesses, as a customer. Inspiration can come from any source, and your cheap weekend getaways can be a channel.


3. Improves your productivity

When there’s an issue of reduced productivity, then you must consider the cause. There is a drop in productivity when workers or entrepreneurs are exhausted and have used up their mental or emotional strength. When you take some time away from the office or your workstation, go on a short or small trip, upon return, you’d feel rejuvenated.

According to a NYtimes report, for every ten hours of vacation, there is at least 8% more productivity. With this in mind, imagine what a simple weekend of sightseeing or a ten-hour boat cruise can do for you.

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4. The brain is refreshed:

All work and no play, makes Jill a dull boy, right? Ok then. It is necessary to take some time out because the brain benefits a lot from it. Writers, for instance, suffer from writers’ block every once in a while, taking time off helps the mind recover and refreshed with ideas. Sometimes, all the brain needs are just some time off, and its fine.

5. It’s healthy; so go on vacation for health benefits:

Taking a vacation for health reasons is one of the best ways to show love to yourself. There is a need to relieve yourself of the stress you’re accumulating. Have you heard of depression? It’s real and working without taking a break is one sure cause of it. A cheap weekend getaway deal will help relieve you of so much pressure and spark you back to life upon return. A health retreat is non-negotiable to perform at optimum level.

What not to do while on your weekend getaway

All right, let’s assume you’ve decided to take one of the numerous weekend getaway deals, that’s great, but entrepreneurs are one of the most determined people with high work ethics –sounds like you right? So do not go on that trip with the mind of working or replying an email.

For you going on a health retreat or taking the vacation for health reasons, you have to put your diet in perspective. While this seems like a break for you, there is no reason to get into your doctors’ trouble by going against his/her instruction.

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If you are going on a workout vacation, remember to take all the necessary supplies needed to make you experience one of the best wellness retreats in the world on your next trip.

Over to you

Do you regularly take advantage of the cheap weekend getaway deals or have you gone on a health retreat lately? Share with us what you feel about vacations and how your last experience was, or where your dream weekend getaway could be.

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