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MTN USSD codes: NIN, Airtime, Data Transfer -Every MTN Code You’d Need

MTN NIN codes

MTN, the multinational and largest telecommunication network in Nigeria, boasting a customer base of around 67.6 million subscribers. And there is an MTN code for every service on the network. For instance, there is the code to link NIN to MTN lines, MTN data transfer code, code to transfer airtime on MTN, and many more. So, it could be a hassle to commit these MTN codes to memory. So, in this post, you will find any MTN code that is worth knowing. Read on for all you need to know about any MTN code there is.

Because the MTN codes and those of service providers are quite a hassle to memorize, the yellow network has made it possible for you to get the services from these codes through their app even without data access on your phone. How do you do this?

How to get every code in one place

To access the various MTN services without having to cram the codes, you simply need to install the MyMTN app. Then connect it to your line by entering your MTN phone number, then the OTP sent to you, and that’s it, you can access various services without having to know the code.

For instance, you don’t need to know the MTN NIN code to link your NIN to your MTN line. There is a provision for that on the myMTN App. And the choice is yours to use it with or without internet access.

If you choose to use the app with internet access, the activities happen right on the App, if you do not have internet access, the app automatically calls the MTN code for the specific action, and the action happens via the respective USSD code.

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How to transfer MB without the MTN data transfer code

The MTN transfer code has become a very important one since peer-to-peer data transfer on MTN became possible. But it is possible to transfer data without the MTN data transfer code. Yes, it is, and again, with the MTN app. You can send data to any MTN line by simply doing the following:

How to share data without and with MTN data transfer code

  • Open the MTN app.
  • You’d see your airtime balance and your data balance below the airtime balance.
  • On the line where your data balance is, swipe left to reveal the “show all” button. Tap on “show all”.
  • Select “share data”
  • Choose how much data you want to share. (You have options from 50MB, 100MB, 200MB, and 500MB respectively).
  • Input the MTN phone number you want to transfer the data to.
  • Tap on proceed.

Alternatively, the code to share data on MTN is *131*MTN number*data amount#

It is pertinent to note that you cannot share bonus data. Your shareable data is your purchased data

Code to Link NIN to MTN

The NIN code for MTN is as follows *785#. To use this MTN NIN code, you should have had your NIN. So, you dial *785*YOUR NIN#. That’s it. Your National Identification number will be linked to your MTN line. Wait for a moment and you’d get a prompt confirming your NIN linking.

The code above is the simple USSD code to link your NIN to your MTN number. But you do not have to cram any MTN NIN code to link your NIN to your MTN line. You can also do that with the MTN app. And you can use the app even without data, provided you’re browsing from an MTN line.

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For how to check NIN on MTN number, simply dial *346#. You can use this code on any network, provided you used the same number to register your NIN.

Code to check MTN number

If you are not sure of your MTN number, – for example, if you just got the line, there is a code to check MTN number so you are covered. To check your MTN number, dial the code *663# and your number will be displayed on your screen.

Remember to write or save your number on your device, else before you know it, you might be asking Google what is the code to check my MTN number again?

Code for balance check

The code for the MTN balance check is the legendary *556#. It works irrespective of the tariff plan you are on. You can also check your balance without the MTN balance check code right on the app.

How to use MTN please call me code

If you don’t have airtime on your MTN line, you can recharge through the various bank apps or USSD. However, if you need someone to call you quickly, you can send them a call-me text by dialing the “MTN please call me code”. The code is *133#.

To use this:

  • Dial *133#
  • On the next screen, input the recipient’s MTN number.
  • Then on the next screen, select the type of text you want MTN to send to the recipient. It is free.

How to transfer airtime on MTN

If you want to transfer airtime to a friend or anyone, you can do that with the code to transfer airtime on MTN.

The code to transfer airtime on MTN is *777#. Dial *777# and follow the onscreen directions. Remember, you must have changed your airtime transfer code or pin to a secure 4-digit pin before you will be allowed to complete this action. And to transfer airtime on MTN is free.

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Alternatively, you can dial *777*recipients MTN number*amount*pin# (e.g *777*08031234567*3000*1234#). That’s all? Yes!

Is there any MTN data cheat

While the price of data gets even more competitive, some people for one reason or the other still need free data to browse the web. This is why many people search for MTN data cheat codes.

I’m not so sure why you want to cheat the network to browse, but some codes fly around as MTN data cheat. You should avoid using any of them because you could be putting your line in a negative balance. The MTN data cheat may work initially, but you may be charged whenever you recharge.

There are various MTN data plans available. From cheap night plans to weekend plans, etc. you can choose any data plan of choice using the respective MTN data code depending on what you want with the data. In the summary list of codes below, there are a few MTN data codes.

Summary list of MTN USSDs’

MTN service MTN code
1 MTN balance check *556#
2 Code to link NIN to MTN *785*Your NIN#
3 Code to check MTN number *663#
4 MTN please call me code / call me back code *133#
5 Code to share airtime on MTN *777*recipients MTN number*amount*pin# (e.g *777*08031234567*3000*1234#)
6 MTN data transfer code *131*MTN number*data amount#
7 MTN data code *131#
8 MTN night plan code *406#
9 MTN unlimited data plan *567*59#
10 MTN data plan *131#
11 MTN night sub code Same as above, *406#
12 code to share data on MTN *131*Phone number* Data amount#
13 MTN data plan 200 for 1gb


14 MTN 200 for 2gb code
You must be on MTN pulse, and during the night plan period, do the #50 plan four times (at 599MB each), that’s 2GB for The code for #50 plan for 500MB is *406*3*2#



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