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The One Thing That Can Make Your Major Goals Become a Reality This Year

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A few weeks before the end of the year (last year), a friend of mine who I respect so much asked me a simple question, “Toby, apart from writing, is there any other thing you do to make money?”

I said no.

Then he asked me what I was doing to increase the number of clients I had so I can get more jobs and make more money. I told him that there was really nothing I was doing to that effect. That in fact, I was getting tired of the whole thing, and the stress was taking its toll on me.

He was like, “Toby, this is not you. You are a go-getter. And if for nothing, you need to succeed so that other people who look up to you over there in Nigeria will find a reason to succeed too.”

I felt like, “Come on bro, let me be! Please leave me alone. Is there a law that said I can’t get tired? Must I be up and doing all the time? Please!”

But I didn’t say that. Instead, I said, “Fine, I will get up and pursue more jobs and aim for more money.”

I was hoping that he would let me off the hook easily. He didn’t!

Instead, he said I should get ready to report to him every week and let him know that I have gotten at least one other place to write on.

I felt like, “Arrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. What did I do! Why do bad things happen to good people!!!”

Instead, I replied, “Fine, thanks for doing this.” And that was with the hope that he will not follow through.

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Fortunately for me, a week later, this man, who is a very busy man, by the way, chatted me up and said: “Hello Toby, any news?”

Oh my God!

I refused to read his message. Instead, I went straight to work. I combed and combed, wrote and wrote, applied and applied. And before I knew it, I got a positive response.

So, I went back the following day (I think), and replied his message, and then shared the good news of what I was able to achieve.

He congratulated me and reminded me that he will still check up on me the following week for more.

I heaved a sigh of relief.

But by the following week, I had another good news to share with him.

You see, something great was happening in my life because someone was holding me accountable.

Lesson got?

Fine. Over to you!

Setting your short term financial goal

What is your financial goal for this year? (These may be your short-term financial goal)

What did you say! You don’t know?

Stop whatever you are doing now, and set a financial goal for yourself. I mean it! I mean, you should disappear from this post immediately. Yes, stop reading. Get a pen and writing material and ask yourself how much you want to have made by December this year.


Good. Now break it down into months. Very simple, divide it by 12 (or by the number of months left in the year). How much is it now?

Okay, now I am getting scared too, because I have my own goals, and it’s really scary to know what I am tasking myself to make by the end of each month.

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It’s well.

Well, have you done that?

Great! Now, what goods or service are you going to sell to make that much money every month?

Have you decided what it is? I hope you are writing all these down in your writing material.

How much of those goods or services can you sell in a month to make the money you want to make?

It’s a very simple arithmetic. If your short term financial goal is to make 100k a month, and your product, for instance, is a weight loss diet pack which goes for 12,500 and let’s say your profit for each sale is 2,500. It means that you will need to sell a minimum of 40 products each month, or 10 per week, to achieve your financial goal.

You get the picture, right?

Now, that could be a lot of work for you, or not, depending on what you do for a living. But there is one major thing you can do to achieve it, and I will tell you the secret right away.

Get an accountability partner!

Get an accountability partner to check your short term goals

Get an accountability partner to check your major, long or short term goals.

Get someone who you respect, who you cannot afford to disappoint, someone you can report yourself to regularly, and make yourself accountable to that person. (If you desire weight loss, for instance, get a weight loss accountability partner).

I have done it for a couple of people in the past, and surprisingly, I started seeing them do within a short while the same things they felt they could not do in months.

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It’s simple psychology.

So as a recap, set your goals, break them down into months and weeks, and get an accountability partner.
Done? Great! Then go out there and kick ass! This coming year is yours for the taking.

Guest post Author

Toby Nwazor is a Keynote Speaker, a Financial Success Coach, and an Author. He has been featured on very cool sites like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Good Men Project, and a lot of other places. He gives no-holds-barred motivation and practical tips to help you make better financial decisions and create lasting wealth.

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