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Pro Approach To Handling Unemployment And Finding Dream Jobs In Nigeria

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Have you been unemployed and want to know how to go about properly handling unemployment in Nigeria? If you want to learn how to do this, you are not alone, as there are more unemployed graduates in Nigeria than employed ones. It would be surprising to you if I said there are jobs in Nigeria, just that there are special ways to get them since they are extremely competitive.

Continue reading if you want to know how to properly position yourself for better opportunities despite the fact that the Nigeria population is ever increasing. Properly positioning yourself is the way to go in handling unemployment in Nigeria.

Unemployment in Nigeria

The rate of unemployment in Nigeria is alarming, and that’s putting it mildly. The other day, the Nigerian president -Buhari, was “gracious” enough to say that fresh and unemployed graduates should know that there are no jobs for them in the government or private sectors because every position is occupied.

At the time of writing this, the rate of unemployment in Nigeria is 33%, as against America, which is 3.6%, and Canada, 7.7% respectively.

unemployment in Nigeria

So, with that, you should know what it means to get a job in Nigeria. It is important to note, however, that jobs here mean well-paying jobs, as opposed to the common poorly or underpaid jobs found everywhere. Properly paid jobs are few, and to get one, you need to have skills. It is getting any of these well-paying jobs that helps in reducing unemployment in Nigeria.

So, with the continuous and constant increase in the current population of Nigeria and more graduates churned out every year, how do you go about handling unemployment in Nigeria?

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How to Get Jobs in Nigeria

Since there are few to no jobs in Nigeria, one of the best ways to handle unemployment is to learn a high-income skill. Learning high income skill allows you the opportunity to work for yourself and earn a decent living—while looking for a job, or permanently.

With the continuous increase in the Nigerian population, you can easily find a lucrative business or high income skill to learn, offer the services, and make money for yourself, before a job comes along.

Alternatively, you may consider internships. As an intern, you not only gain valuable skills and, most importantly, the coveted “years or months of experience” employers demand, you also discover areas you may want to pursue a career in, or certain areas you are deficient in. Internships could be your path out of unemployment in Nigeria.

Being an intern allows you to learn on the job, gives you insights and experience, and sometimes, you may even be retained. If you are not retained, well, you now have knowledge of the job, which puts you in a better position when applying to any new jobs in Nigeria.

Also, as an intern, you may earn a stipend. Of course, that may not be enough, but it could help you keep your body and soul together until you finish, before taking the next steps.

Tips To Getting Jobs in Nigeria

To properly navigate your way among the ever-increasing numbers of unemployed graduates among the Nigeria population, you should consider doing one of these things:

Make Yourself Employable:

The truth is that job opportunities in Nigeria only go to those who are employable. So, that begs the question: are you employable?

Ask yourself this simple question: if I were an employer, would I employ myself? Whatever your honest answer is, that’s what it is, and should determine your next steps, which in turn determines your chances of landing good jobs in Nigeria.

The majority of the unemployed graduates in Nigeria today are unemployable. But, let’s agree that the deed has been done, so look forward to making yourself employable -if unemployable.

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Employers need people who can fill roles. They need employees who are skilled and well-trained in their field. If this doesn’t sound like you, there’s hope. Brush yourself up in areas you’re lacking. The good thing is, you already have your certificate. No one will take that from you. But set out to further improve yourself to get out of the pool of unemployment in Nigeria. Take courses (free or paid), read books in your field, just do anything to increase your knowledge and get better.

Also, learn to write better to pass your ideas clearly. It may be difficult to find jobs in Nigeria if you do not speak English fluently (I don’t mean those government jobs in which people are employed because of who they know).

There are some apps that can help improve your speaking skills. Learn from them. Whatever is lacking, you can learn, and, like I always say, YouTube is always ready to help.

Develop a Winning CV and Cover Letter:

I don’t know any unemployed graduates who changed their stories without first preparing a winning CV and cover letter. So now, you need to prepare a resume befitting of the role you want to fill.

Your CV and cover letter will go before you once you spot job opportunities in Nigeria or anywhere for that matter. It is your CV that contains your qualifications, and your cover letter contains a detailed description of how you fit the job, and why it should be you who gets it.

Look for Jobs in Nigeria -or Abroad:

The few job opportunities in Nigeria won’t come looking for you; you have to go for them. By now, you have made yourself employable. You have a winning CV and cover letter. The next step is to submit them so you can land a decent job and leave the pool of unemployment in Nigeria.

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Where can I get job opportunities in Nigeria?

There are lots of places to get job opportunities in Nigeria, and I think unemployed graduates should take advantage of any of these.

One of the platforms to get out of unemployment in Nigeria is LinkedIn. It is a platform for professionals, and on the site, you will notice there is no noise like there is on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Everything there is strictly formal. And you can get high-value jobs in Nigeria from LinkedIn.

Create a LinkedIn profile if you don’t already have one. Ensure you complete your profile and start searching for jobs in Nigeria or your preferred country in your field. You may set alerts for any job posted that relates to your field.

Another is to use Twitter. You can land jobs in Nigeria using Twitter. Some “tweeps” post job offers and tips on getting jobs on Twitter. If you use Twitter, follow them to know where and when there’s an opening in your field or choice of work.

You can also get information on available job opportunities in Nigeria from various blogs. A simple search on Google should return lots of such blogs. Just be careful not to fall prey to a job scam or any site asking for your details.

So, there you have it. Handling unemployment in Nigeria doesn’t take rocket science. Let us know in the comment section below what you think about finding jobs in Nigeria and what you think the state of unemployed graduates is. Share this post on your social networks with friends who may need it.


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