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4 ways to improve your business with SEO even if you are the laziest person

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Do you want to improve your business or need Smart SEO tips for beginners? You are in the right place.

The search engines power the internet – so to say.

Can you imagine what it would feel like without search engines, and you know today, every business must be on the web to stand a chance at competing with contemporaries and also remain in the competition.

With search engines, you can significantly improve your business.

This is where SEO comes in.

What is SEO?

You must have heard of this term time and again if you are conscious of growing your business using the web. SEO means Search Engine Optimization, and to answer what it is? Simply put, it is the series of activities that are designed to explain your site or your business to search engines.

It’s that simple, but not as simple as it sounds (don’t be scared though, it’s been simplified daily, and this post will make the process stupendously simpler).

You can also say SEO is simply making the most of the search engines. I think that makes the understanding of SEO even better.

All you need to do SEO well is the right information, and that you will get here.

These simple seo tips for beginners are what you need and can help improve your business.

Before I continue, I would like first to explain what search engines are and how they work.

What is a Search Engine?

When people hear the word “Search engine” their mind races towards Google – and this is not true. While they are not entirely wrong, they are not quite correct.

It’s like saying a fish is anything that can swim, that’s true, but you know crocodiles, snakes and humans too can swim too. So you see, Google is not the only search engine.  And a search engine is one of the tool to use to grow your revenue

There are lots of search engines, which include but not limited to Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Google(including youtube), etc. and these are all great tools to improve your business website.

A search engine is simply a tool that helps in searching a database for terms that are included in a searched keyword. It could be on a local system or the World Wide Web as in those as mentioned earlier.

How do search engines work

The definition above already should give an insight to how search engines work. They simply search within a database and give the results in the shortest possible time.

When you search Google, you don’t search the web; you simply search Google’s index of the web.

I mean, you search Google’s database of the information they have gathered from the web.

This is stated in Googles algorithm. And this(algorithm) is why when you search for the same term on two different search engines, the results are different, so this simply means their database of the web is different.

Also, there is a lot on the web that Google does not have in their database, and there is a lot they cannot display too. This is as a result of “no follow and No index” commands in place by webmasters and web developers. The dark web is also a factor in this.

To explain in simpler terms, Google crawls the web (the part of the web they are permitted to crawl), and they index it, (i.e., store it in their database). When you search for any term, Google serves you the result from what they have in their database, and the same thing happens when you search any other search engine.

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To make your post display in search engines, you must improve your search engine ranking, and you must practice SEO.

What types of SEO are there?


There are two types of SEO. White Hat and Black Hat. Black hat is simply the fraudulent approach to doing SEO, while the White hat is the best approach to SEO and guarantees long lasting results, unlike black hat that is short lived. Black hat includes Buying backlinks, spamming and using bots to influence ranking.

How to improve your business visibility using search engines/SEO

In this post, I use Google in the place of search engines, and it’s simply for the sake of convenience. As earlier stated, there are more search engines than just Google, (Please have that at the back of your mind).

I’ll also assume your business already have a website/blog. This is what you are trying to promote, isn’t it?

To make your post top Google, here are four things you must not miss.

  1. The content must be deep

how do you get customers to improve your business without telling them what you do?

When I mean your content must be deep, what it means is that your post must cover the topic inside out. It must have relevant terms that pass as synonyms to the search engine bots.

For instance, sometimes I might want to search for “how to make money online,” and instead I’ll search for “Making money on the web.”

These are related terms, and a good post covering such topic should have such terms in the post. This would tell the search bots that your post talks about everything making money on the internet. The bots know this because they are smart and can quickly understand synonymous words.

To get your write-up filled with relevant terms, you might punch your primary keyword in the search engine(Preferably Google) and on the search result page, you will see related terms under the results you were served. You should include those terms in your write up. Google Adwords is also a good tool to get related terms.

Adword is a great too to improve your business

  1. Comprehensive coverage

This one might sound or look similar to the one above, but it is quite different. What you do here is to cover related topics. Not just the topic in focus alone.

While doing this, you’ll realize your content will be quite lengthy and filled with many more keywords which you will rank for. If you read a lot about SEO tips, you will have come across SEO experts many times telling you to write lengthy posts. But very few will tell you how to achieve this because they seldom know how to do it themselves.

By attempting to write lengthy posts, you might sway off topic and start writing out of point, and sometimes you might even further confuse your audience. So, the focus shouldn’t be to write lengthy posts but to cover the topic thoroughly, and by so doing, you will both cover your topic well, and also write lengthy posts too.

For instance, this post about SEO doesn’t just tell you how to optimize your post but also intimates you on what SEO is, what search engines are, how the search engine works, how to optimize your posts for Search engines, and even more to come below. That is quintessential of comprehensive coverage.

If you have photo studio and want to write on it, you might want to touch everything about starting up a studio, to cameras, (Brands, pricing), lens, editing, getting clients, etc

  1. Content should be focused on topic

If you are set out to write a lengthy post, you might sway off topic, attempting a comprehensive post might also cause same. But you must make sure not to sway off topic. To ensure this, I advise you use a keyword research tool to get keyword ideas you want to write on. Or you can write in a notepad all the sub-topics you want to cover and start tackling them one after the other. This will help you stay on topic and not sway off track unnecessarily. How do you think the content of your site can improve your business  ?

  1. Write for similar blogs/websites

This might be tricky. As a business, you want the customers, and writing for your competitors means arming them against you, it’s like shooting yourself in the foot during a race.

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Do you even agree doing this can in anyway improve your business ?

Well, the purpose is to get the backlink(s). Backlinks are a major factor in Google ranking your posts. To get them, you must do something in exchange, either buy or write in exchange. Bear in mind; Google hates buying or paying for backlinks.

This is why you should write for them. Some other companies have a way to bypass this. They call it sponsored post.

I’ll explain how it’s different from buying links. When you buy links, you give the seller your details, and he automatically adds links pointing to your site. These links will have very similar anchor texts (The text holding the links, i.e., the text people will see and click).

This is against Google policies. Anchor texts must be several. Otherwise, your site will be punished by Google, and might even be de-indexed totally.

However, when you pay for a sponsored post, you contact several website owners and give them instructions as to what you expect of them. This way, you have control over the anchor texts pointing to your site.

Needless to say, sponsored posts are more expensive, and are manual. Google prefers manual and gradual link building

what is a backlink?

Ok, maybe I should have explained what a backlink is earlier on. A backlink is like a vote. And it must come from a site similar to yours (a site similar to your niche). Assuming you were in the United States during the Donald Trump election, voting for one of the candidates means you trust him, that’s what a backlink is, and to vote, you have to be a human, (That’s the site similar to your niche).

Types of backlink

There are two types of backlinks, the “DoFollow/Follow” and “NoFollow.” Do follow simply tells search engines that your content is relevant and should be ranked and shown to the world, while the Nofollow tells Google stuff like “I don’t trust this to be good enough, don’t rank.”

And guess what? Search engines want the best results, telling them you don’t trust if the post is good enough is a subtle way of telling them “This is a bad post, don’t show to the world.”

So when you are writing for any other site, be sure the kind of link you are getting.

Where to get backlinks

By now, somebody might be happy, telling himself, I’ll just create multiple sites and link to myself. Hello, Search engines are smart. There are lots of factors used in ranking (Google uses up to 200 factors) the above three are the most crucial.

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Moreover, search engines are controlled by algorithms which are written by humans who have anticipated any fraudulent motives, and they also keep updating these algorithms regularly to overcome new tricks.

So in answering the question of where to get links from, you simply get from sites bigger than yours. Sites which are ahead in Google ranking. This is Google’s’ way of maintaining the quality in their search result. Sites with better SEO ranking than yours.

Other SEO Factors you must consider while writing your post

You must consider the following factor while writing

  1. Keyword Density

Keyword density is simply the amount of a certain keyword in your post, and to maintain a healthy standard, it is advised you keep it under 2.5%.

  1. Keyword proximity

This is the closeness of the words in your keyword phrase. For instance, when writing on “SEO for health blogs” as a keyword, the closeness of the words in that phrase is the proximity(in that order). And the proximity of keywords is unknown.

Those days, you’ll hear or read that the keyword proximity should be around 100%, but that’s not completely correct, or better still, it has become obsolete.

  1. Long tail vs. Short Tail

A long tail keyword is one with at least four words ( it’s okay if you say three words above). It is far better to write your post around a long tail keyword, while these get fewer searches per month, they are very specific, and your site is very much likely to appear in the search results.

When you write around a short tail keyword, you must have more of the terms in your post. This means the density of short tail keywords in a post should be more than that of the long tail.

These are the very basic and can even become all you need to make your blog rock search engine result pages. A step further than this, then you are already an SEO agency yourself and should be running an SEO firm, (lol)

Every business either big or small business  needs a website. And as a website owner, you need SEO to improve your business, and starting from the very first day you set up your blog and website would make complete sense.

It can be a very daunting task if you do not know the right tools to use for your SEO check(s) So I will recommend some basic tools. Some are paid, others have both paid and free options.

Basic SEO tools for small Businesses

These are very basic tools to check the progress of your SEO

  1. Alexa
  2. MozOpen
  3. Opensiteexplorer
  4. SEO Profiler
  5. Small SEO Tools
  6. Google Analytics
  7. Google AdWords
  8. Google or Bing webmaster tools
  9. Longtail Pro

These sites above will come in handy if you want to check sites to get backlinks from, check where your competitors are getting backlinks from, keywords you need to work on to rank and the little changes you need to make to your site to rank better. and you know these are stuff which improve your business.

Did you know?

Many of your competitiors have started a website for their business. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?. If you have, have you started doing SEO to get the most from search engines?

Over to you

Which other SEO tips for small business do you know? Do you think SEO for small businesses or SEO for business is difficult, achievable or can improve your business ? Share with us using the comment area below.


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