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How Jiji Make Money from Its Website Explained!!!

how does jiji make money

The African market internet giant, Jiji has almost anything you’re looking for online to improve your sales, making it the biggest of its sort in Africa. In this post, we answer your questions; how does jiji make money, is jiji profitable, what are the subscription packages or premium services available on jiji, how to register for a free Jiji account and sell items there and more.

How Does Jiji Operate, And What Is It?

Jiji is very much an African e-commerce or classified ads platform that matches buyers and sellers for free. With jiji, sellers can publish free advertisements for both their new and old goods. Have an old machine in good shape that you no longer use? You may advertise it freely on Jiji, find a buyer, and be paid for it directly by the buyer—no middle man.

Compared to other African classified ad websites and online marketplaces, Jiji offers a number of benefits. One of which is the free messaging and communication tools for buyers and sellers. On Jiji, communication happens quickly and directly, without middlemen.

How Does Jiji Make Money?

A lot of the time, we hear that, since Jiji doesn‘t charge merchants to display their listings or advertisements, how does Jiji make money like the majority of other websites that offer online classified ads?

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Well, the answer is simple: traffic monetization. That has been Jiji’s primary and possibly most prevalent source of income. The website also makes money off of its traffic through third-party networks like Google Adsense. Traffic monetization is the sale of subscription packages (or premium ads). With that, some vendors pay a fee in order to have their products displayed first. These premium advertisements might take many different forms.

How Does Jiji Make Money From Its Premium Services?

Remember that Jiji is completely free to use. There are, however, Jiji subscription packages that allow customers to have their products shown more often than those of customers who don’t subscribe. Keep in mind that this is a choice. You can utilize one of two jiji subscription packages to market your products. These are the Top and Boost packages.

The Top Package; the mini, of the jiji subscription packages:

With the top package, your goods will be promoted and displayed at the top of the search results page. Depending on the length of time you specify, it will remain for between 7 and 30 days.

How effective is Jiji package? With this package, you have a chance of attracting up to 15 times more clients than other vendors because your advertisement will be viewed by nearly all potential shoppers looking for that product.

The Boost Package -the ultimate of the Jiji subscription packages.

This is the second of the jiji subscription packages. On this plan, your products will appear more frequently in search results. It can last for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. Additionally, your products will frequently appear in the “Similar Ads” section.

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How effective is Jiji Boost package? When you use the boost package, you can get up to 100 times as many customers as other sellers.

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On Jiji?

Herein lies its beauty, though. Jiji is totally free to use. You won’t pay a dollar to list your goods on Jiji or to get connected with customers. Additionally, it doesn’t take commissions from the sales you make. However, to get your goods to show up at the top or in the “juicy” areas, you need to buy one of the Jiji subscription packages. So, how much does it cost to advertise on Jiji? You may have to check the website to learn the current price, and it varies over time.

How To Sell On Jiji And List Your Goods

Select the “Post a Free Ad” link.

This button can be found in different places on the website, and it can be accessed from any page.

Pick a category.

This can include things like laptops, computers, sports equipment, clothing, and other items.

When customers search for a specific category, categories assist them in finding your products. It also lets your product show up when someone looks up a different but related term.

Provide the necessary information.

Give the product’s name, specifications, cost, and other information on the following page. Indicate in your description if the sizes and colors of your product are changeable.

Add a suitable picture.

The product image needs to be an authentic representation of what you’re selling. If you want your customers to trust you, you must sell honestly.

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Tip: Upload sharp images that will inspire the customer to seek out the products in person. Additionally, you need to upload as many pictures as Jiji permits.

Declare your location.

This is crucial because many buyers enter their desired location using the filter option. Such customers will only see products available there. Don’t forget to mention the town and state where you are able to deliver.

Submit the item listing.

To save your product, you should click the “Post Free Ads” button. And that is the final step. Note that your goods will be reviewed by the Jiji team to see if they’re in conformity with the terms and conditions.

Is Jiji profitable?

The profitability of using the various Jiji subscription packages is relative and depends on your products, the competition, and your marketing strategy generally. So, is Jiji profitable? You will know the answer to that question after running the ads for your business a number of times.

So, how does Jiji make money? Simple, by selling ads. Is Jiji profitable? That depends on your business, pricing, and convincing power.


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