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How To Grow Your Business Using Digital Marketing Services in 7 days

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What do you know about digital marketing services and how to use it to get sales?

The use of digital marketing services to grow our businesses in this age of smartphones, search engines, and the internet has become inevitable.

According to reports, about eighty percent of the online population have purchased something online at least once, and more than 50% have purchased more than once. That is a huge figure. But that’s not all, it is expected that by 2019, there will be more than 224 million digital shoppers in the United States alone. Who need more stats? Not you. What you need now is how to tap into this market and start making more sales –remotely.

Simply put; digital marketing services help you make money while you sleep.

Making money from home has never been more fun, easy and encouraging. Although, you need the right knowledge, to begin with. There are many companies offering one or more digital marketing services, and after this post, you will see how to bring them all together to make a profit for your business, be it a digital or a brick and mortar shop.

The purpose of this post is to show you how to use digital marketing services to improve your business, promote it and make more sales.

Why You Must Employ Digital Marketing For Business Growth

To excel in the world of business today, you need to understand digital marketing tips and tricks. Many companies now have IT departments to help them handle their digital aspects.

To compete in the new global market, you must go digital. How do you grow your business when your competitions no longer limit themselves to daytime business, they are always promoting 24/7, employing different digital marketing tips and tricks.

You must employ digital marketing so as to stay ahead and make sales even in foreign countries. With digital marketing, the world is your market. You are international, even from your living room.

How To Use Digital Marketing Services For Your Business Growth

There are a few things to do. And without any further ado, let’s get to it.

 Get amazon audible

There are segments of your market niche you must tap into. Every business has dynamics and is completely different. To do well, you need insights from those who have succeeded or failed in your industry. That is where Audible comes in.

Every entrepreneur who wants to succeed cannot do away with reading, but there is very little time to read. So what do you do? You listen to those books that matter to you.

Audible is a service by Amazon which delivers books in audio form. Whatever book you there is, you’re likely to find it on Amazon.

When you sign up, you join the free 30 days trial, where you can get two of any audiobook of your choice for free, if you like their service, you can continue for the next month, by paying only $14. You’re given regular credits for one free book every month. Then you may buy any book at discounted rates. If you don’t like the service, you can cancel at any time, no contract, no question, nothing.

When I signed up and got my trial, I used one of my free credit to purchase Gary Vaynerchucks “crushing it”. It is a book for every new, old or intending entrepreneur.

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You want to improve your business and avoid mistakes other entrepreneurs as you, made. This gives you an unfair advantage. What more? You can listen to these books on the go, even while traveling, you can play the tape while having your bath etc. If time is of an essence to you, you need audible.

Get Amazon business

Amazon business is for entrepreneurs who already have their business up and running and probably have a few employees. The service is like the Facebook ad manager where multiple individuals can access the account to take various roles. As in the case of Amazon business, your employees are allowed the opportunity of taking roles, making purchases as a team and reliving the stress of doing things individually and making mistakes. This helps division of labor.

Get A Website And Get Online

The best way to use digital marketing services is to get online. To take your business online, you need a website. Hold on, this wouldn’t cost you a fortune. You can get a website with as low as $40. However, if you cannot get your hands dirty, you may have to get someone to do it for you. But I will list the necessary stuff you need, that will save you a lot.

First, you need a host. Think of a host like an office space, where people can find you whenever they need you or your services or whatever it is you do. You may also consider a host as a plot of land, where you’d build your house. Then apart from getting a host, you’d also need a domain. A domain is your address like the address people will seek when they want to visit your office.

For me, I used GoDaddy for my domain names and Namecheap for hosting, but godaddy have become too criminal, So I had to move my domain name to Namecheap.

So what is my recommendation? Get your domain name(s) from Namecheap, and you can get your hosting from them too. Namecheap has the best customer service of all the hosting companies I’ve used. They are very good. Their hosting service is very affordable too, and if you start, you may not want to leave.

Click the following links to get your domain name from Namecheap, as well as ridiculously cheap hosting from them too.

Get a Web Designer

You now have a domain name and host, next up is setting up your website. If you can’t do it, the Inspiredfully team can help you with that.  We have specialists who can craft terrific websites for you. You may also want to check on Fiverr to see if you’d prefer their services. You can sign up on Fiverr here, and navigate to the web design section to pick a web designer.

Get Writers and Graphic Designers

After your website is set up, you now want to upload content that defines your business. To promote your business using digital marketing services, you must actively practice content marketing. This is simply writing helpful content for your target audience and subtly promoting your products through the content.

It’s no news many people can’t write. If this is you, you’ve got no problem. The Inspiredfully writing team can as well help you out. We have great writers who can help you craft great sales letter, help you do your copywriting, etc. you can check out our Fiverr gig, or contact us directly using our email from our contact page. You can also get graphic designers for your banners, logos or even ebook covers on Fiverr, you may want to sign up here to start hiring your desired freelancers to do your job for you.

Start SEO Immediately

You cannot think of using digital marketing services to improve your business without SEO.

Having gone online with your business, the next thing is starting to get people to see what you have on the offering. It makes no sense having the best rings or sneakers on sale, yet no one sees them. So you want to get traffic to your website. To do that, you must start doing SEO the moment your website is set up.

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What is SEO?

SEO is the short form for Search Engine Optimization. It is a series of activities which makes the search engines understand what your website, posts, and images are all about. With SEO, you befriend the search engines and put yourself in a good position to be displayed to searchers. The websites in the best standings are displayed first in the search result, in decreasing order of their SEO standing.

To do SEO properly, your web designer will install an SEO plugin, either Yoast SEO or All in one SEO, (Yoast SEO is the most used). With Yoast SEO, you advise Google and the other search engines like Bing, what your website and posts are about.

You need to know what those interested in your products are searching or looking for, otherwise, you might be producing the wrong content, which won’t bring in sales. So to know what they’re searching for, you need KWfinder.

This is a tool which shows you profitable keywords, their keyword difficulty (the easier the better for your new website.), where your competitor gets backlinks from etc. this tool gives you an unfair advantage. It allows you to see what those who have been in the game for years have been doing, so you replicate it, and catch up with them, and ultimately leave them behind.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are like votes by other websites, telling the search engines that your content is relevant and important for searchers, so you need to get these backlinks from as many sources as possible, albeit quality links. With backlinks, more isn’t always better. The quality of the backlink is everything, but you can trust that quantity can be a tiebreaker. There are many factors that determine if you will show up in search results, and backlinking is the biggest of them. So you need KWfinder to get this unfair advantage.

If you are on a budget, you may subscribe and use it for a month, gather all the necessary information needed for you or your writers to write on, and cancel in the second month, then subscribe again after you’ve exhausted the data you saved.

Promote Your Business With Cheap Facebook ads

What is not seen does not exist- Robert Greene (48 laws of power). That quote is and will remain valid. You need to promote your website or business for more visibility and sales.  Facebook ad is not just cheap, it is highly targetable. That means you get your ads to only those who are interested in it, this will increase your conversion.

“What is not seen does not exist” – Robert Greene

You can add the Facebook pixel to your website, so your ads are displayed to only those who have visited your website within a specified time. You can also use the pixel to track conversion and sales.

Ads are targeted by interest, age, gender, job, books, nationality, region, current location, and many more. And what do you know? Facebook ads are the cheapest form of advertising in the market.

You may take it a step further by setting up a Facebook chatbot. This helps you get personal with your audience, and you can always send them broadcast messages at will. You can show them your latest offers, your latest post, new arrivals, ask them what they want you to help them with, get feedback, etc.

The chatbot, of course, uses artificial intelligence to chat with your audience by itself, It is amazing, to say the least. It can accept orders, take notes from customers, and do many more. This use of chatbots is one of the digital marketing tips and tricks small business haven’t tapped into.

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A chatbot is very important for businesses and you may contact us to help you set one up. If you’re contacting us after reading this post, add the code (DMP) to your mail, to get a discount.

Do Email Marketing

Every big company today is involved in email marketing. And like SMS, email marketing is not dead. For instance, unless you opt out, Facebook would still be sending you emails.

If you are serious about promoting your business through digital marketing services, you must start collecting your customers’ email and of course, start mailing them immediately you setup your website.

There are services that can help you achieve this, I use sendpulse, and encourage people to do so too. It has a high delivery rate, and because most people use Gmail, you must prepare that your emails don’t fall into spam or promotion folders. Sendpulse helps you achieve that.

You collect their emails, send them periodic newsletters and send them offers that are irresistible, then watch your sales increase.

You must start collecting emails the very moment you set up your website, otherwise, you’d be leaving so much money on the table. Email marketing like chatbots, helps you get personal and close to your customers, help you follow up your leads, promote your products, and even do affiliate marketing.

Email marketing is quintessential of promoting your business using digital marketing services.

Join Mastermind Groups

To succeed in using digital marketing services to boost your business, you must start peeping into what others are doing, how creative they are and what digital marketing tips and tricks they are applying. When you use these same digital marketing tips and tricks, you are sure to get similar results. For this reason, a mastermind group is very important.

When you find a mastermind group, you’d be in the company of like-minded people, it could be online or offline, whichever way, join one. You may want to join the inspiredfully Facebook group.

Read books on how to do digital marketing

When you stop reading, you start dying. There are lots of books by top digital marketers which you may have to read. At the beginning of this post, we saw why audiobooks are good. You may also buy hardcover books on how to do digital marketing in your local store or on Amazon, there are amazing topics you’d be interested in, check them out here.

While hardcover books are good, there are some people who prefer listening to their books, audiobooks are perfect for those, and the free 30 day trial from amazon audible is just what you need to get started.

Summary of How to promote business through digital marketing

Get amazon audible

(30 days free trial plus two free books, and one free book monthly. Cancel anytime)

Get a website: Get your domain name and hosting from Namecheap.

Delegate tasks: get writers if you can’t write, get web designers, graphic designers etc. (hire us to write or set up your website or both. Or hire a writer from Fiverr)

Do SEO using KWfinder (you may subscribe for 30 days, gather all necessary information and cancel after the first month of subscription, use up all the data and subscribe again)

Promote using Facebook ads and get an email marketing service (very important).

Join a mastermind group.

Get lovely books about topics you like from Amazon.

If using these digital marketing services seem overwhelming, you may hire us to get your business online, we’d be very glad to help join in your success story. Digital marketing services are what we do, we’ve done it for many clients, and we want to do it for you.

So in conclusion, digital marketing for business is a series of stuff you do to get your business to a larger audience over the internet. With digital marketing services, you make sales even while you sleep, which feels so good.

Which digital marketing services have you been using before now? Or which are you planning to use? Share with us using the comment section below.



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