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Chipper Cash: Send Money Across Africa, Europe and America, for Free.

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If you have wondered if there could be one app for investing in United States stocks, buying and selling of crypto, or even sending money at no cost, then Chipper cash might interest you. This is I have written this Chipper cash review.

Sending money across Africa has been a problem, especially for and to Africans. The emergence of this cross-border payment processor seeks to solve that problem –consequently, makes sending money to select African countries, the UK, and the United States as easy as ABC. Read on to know everything you need about the chipper cash app.

What is Chipper cash?

The Chipper cash is a cross-border payment solution that allows users to send money to countries in Africa, the United States, and the UK.

The app solves the problem of sending money around Africa, and for now, allows sending money from and to; Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Uganda, the UK, and the United States of America. When signing up, you choose a username, which becomes your tag, with which you can receive funds from any other chipper cash users –in a flash. This chipper cash review will touch on all that, and some more.

Chipper Cash Registration

Registration is pretty much simple and straight to the point. Simply provide your first and last names, phone number, and provide the KYC data required, depending on your country.

As soon as registration is done on the app, you may login to your chipper cash account there on the app. The chipper cash login supports biometrics, so, you may decide to use your fingerprint to login instead of your 6-digit pin – (this is of course if your device has the fingerprint function).

Then, you are provided a Wema bank account number (for Nigerians), with which you can receive funds from anyone. This account number will not be provisioned until your chipper cash verification is done. Any money sent to the account number will reflect in your Chipper cash balance.

Register For Chipper Cash Here

For Nigerians, your BVN is all you need for your chipper cash verification. After registration, and your login, then you may submit your BVN, and your account will be verified. You may have to allow some time for this verification to complete.

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Chipper Cash Money Transfer

Next on the Chipper cash review is how to do chipper money transfer. The app does not allow you to send money to someone else through their bank account number, nor does it allow you to send money to a non-chipper cash app user. What?!!!! So, you may be asking yourself, how do I send money on chipper cash? How does Chipper cash work?

How Do I Send Money on Chipper Cash?

To send money on chipper cash, you need to know or get the tag of the recipient for the money you are about to send. This is either given to you by the person, or the person requests the money directly from their app. Alternatively, if you have the recipients registered chipper cash contacts stored on your phone, you may select their contact through the Chipper cash app, and send the fund. They will receive the fund almost immediately.

To send money through chipper cash

  • Login to the app
  • Tap on send
  • Select the recipient from the list you’d see or, tap the search button and then type in the receivers tag.
  • Select the receiver you want to send money to.
  • Complete the required field
  • Send your money

While you can’t send money to a third-party bank via chipper, anyone can however send you money via the Wema bank account provided (and it will show up instantly in your chipper cash app), and you can also send money to any chipper user through the Wema bank account provided to them on their chipper cash app. But to do this, you must use a third-party bank –and they will get it in their chipper app in a few minutes.

You can however withdraw money to your bank account from your chipper. To do this, you need to add your bank account, and tap on “Cash Out”.

Earn when you send with Chipper Cash

How Do You Make Money on Chipper Cash?

This chipper cash review is not only to let you know you can send money with the app, but also that while the Chipper app is out to make the movement of money easier, it also allows you to make money through it. You’re surprised? Don’t be.

So, how do I make money on Chipper cash you may ask, I’ll tell you.

The first and easiest way to make money on Chipper cash is to invite people you know through your link. When you do this, and they register and send money to anyone, you both get paid.

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This means if you register with this code ‘SMWJE’ to signup, then you send money, Chipper will pay you for using the code. If you share your link with people, Chipper will pay you too –as well as the user too. Cool, right? I know.

One of the ways to make money on chipper cash is to pay for bills with the app. Any time you recharge your phone line, you get 2% cashback immediately –always, and for everyone. This means whenever you recharge to buy data, -say #5000, you get #100 back –every time. You also get cashbacks on bill payments like DSTV, GoTv, Smile subscriptions, etc.

Another way I made money using Chipper cash was to receive money from abroad. For instance, when I buy airtime worth #500, chipper rewards me with 500 Naira too. Then, if you receive $100 from the United States or 100 pounds from the United Kingdom, you get #8500 –super cool, I know.

But that is not all on how to use Chipper cash to make money, did you know that if you buy a stock, worth $1, you are going to get #500 back? Although these cash backs may be for first-time users and also based on availability.

100% cashback* when you sign up for Chipper Cash here

Chipper Cash Investment

Next on this Chipper cash review is to let you know how to invest using the app.

Yes, you can invest with the Chipper app. You can purchase US stocks of top companies like Meta (Facebook), Apple, Microsoft, Mastercard, Paypal, you name it.

The chipper cash stocks are located in the “invest” tab, and one thing I love about it is that the stock price, though –in dollars, are exchanged at ridiculously low exchange rates.

That allows you to own more stocks. And of course, more stocks, more rewards.

What about the chipper cash stock Prices? They are determined by the current rate of the market (as at when the trade is executed). That means, if you place an order to order to buy a stock during hours when the U.S stock exchange is closed, the trade will be placed on pending mode, till the time the market opens, and your trade will be executed at the price the stock is trading at the time.

Chipper Cash Virtual Card

So, while your funds in the Chipper app cannot be sent to any third-party bank account (except for yours) your funds can be spent either by sending to another chipper user, paying bills at discounted prices, purchasing stocks, crypto (for Non-Nigerian users), and also used online through the Chipper virtual card. However, according to Chipper, you can only use the virtual card to make purchases on local merchants in your country –at the moment.

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Pros and Cons

This chipper cash review will not be complete without telling you what I love or expected better about the app. So, I’m starting with the;


  1. Easy signup
  2. Easy user interface
  3. Low exchange rate
  4. Quick transaction
  5. You enjoy cashback on a lot of products
  6. Free local transactions
  7. Easy verification process.
  8. Stock options to choose from
  9. Receive money from UK and US within 2 minutes, and then into your select bank account instantly.
  10. Quick chipper cash virtual card issuance.

Get 500* when you sign up for Chipper Cash here


  1. Users can’t send to other banks
  2. International transactions are charged.
  3. Too few countries in the coverage area
  4. Only use on local merchants is allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chipper app

So, I won’t end this Chipper cash review without answering a few questions you may have.

Is chipper cash legal?

A: If you are wondering if chipper cash is legal, the answer is a big yes. The company is Licensed under the NDIC, so your funds are safely insured. And also, the startup has a CBN license as well.

Is chipper cash available in USA?

A: I mentioned above that Chipper users can receive money from the United States, so, Chipper cash is available in the USA.

Chipper cash Nigerian office?

A: There is a Chipper cash office in Nigeria, as set up by the brand as they seek to expand on the African continent.

What of Chipper cash South Africa?

A: Yes, you can use Chipper in South Africa too. Chipper cash South Africa is available on the Google Playstore, or Apple App Store. As in Nigeria, there is the chipper cash UK, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Kenya, and Chipper cash is available in the US too.


In this chipper cash review, you learned how to create a chipper cash account, do Chipper cash money transfers, make money with the app, chipper cash investment, etc.

Transactions are pretty fast and the app does just as promised, although, in the ever-changing tech ecosystem, they need to improve and include other services sooner than later, else another Fintech brand will take over from them.

Get 500 + Cashbacks when you sign up for Chipper Cash here


*rebates and cashbacks are subject to availability.
*Users + Moneystry may get a token for first qualified transfer


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