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Solved!!! How to Fix Binance Phone And SMS Verification Issues

Binance phone verification not working

Binance phone verification not working!!! Damn, what do I do? If you’ve asked or been in that situation, then you need to read this to the end.

In our quest to hedge our funds against devaluation, or to earn better returns on our money, many people turn to cryptocurrency. And one of the biggest exchanges in the world today is –yes, Binance.

To log into Binance or to perform certain activities like withdrawal, approval of P2P transactions, etc. you need to receive an OTP on your registered line.

Even if you have 2FA enabled (which I use and recommend, as it adds extra layer of security to your account), some actions like withdrawal to other blockchain addresses will still require codes sent via an email, the authenticator app (if already set up), as well as via SMS. Not receiving Binance security verification could make your actions on the app hard –if not impossible.

If you have had the “Binance SMS not working” experience, then you know the experience of not receiving OTP could be hell.

Although there’s also the voice verification option which is an alternative to SMS codes –but even that may not also come in some cases.

If one is in this situation of Binance phone verification not working, they risk being locked out of their account -and I don’t want to imagine the feeling if you have lots of funds in there –in a period of volatility. I had looooots of funds in mine, on the day I experienced this issue, which prompted me to write this, to help someone not to feel how I felt.

Why you’re not receiving Binance Security Verification

Although not receiving Binance security verification is the subject, this doesn’t only apply to Binance alone, as you may not also receive an OTP from any service that requires you to input a one-time pin before you’re granted entry to your account or carry out certain actions in your account.

In my case, I couldn’t log in to my account because I needed to receive an OTP which wasn’t coming. This also means that had I been in the account, I won’t be able to release funds via P2P, nor send out funds to anyone.

So, why does this happen? I’ll tell you.

The Cause of Binance phone verification not working

There are about three reasons for not receiving OTP:

Poor Network in your area.

This goes without saying. Binance SMS not working could be because your reception is bad which affects your line’s ability to receive an OTP. It could also be that your service provider is poor and the signal strength is not good enough.

You input your number wrongly.

Binance SMS not working could be because you registered with the wrong number. You may be embarrassed reading or hearing that. But double-checking doesn’t cost a thing. Sorry, but this error is very possible.

Do Not Disturb is active on your line.

One of the reasons for Binance phone verification not working and rarely talked about is the DND. Quite many people might not be receiving their OTP because there is the ‘Do Not Disturb’ service active on their line.

What is Do Not Disturb?

The Do Not Disturb (or DND) is a service that bars shortcode services from spamming your phone lines with unsolicited promotional texts or calls. We all know how this was an issue a few years back. So, the DND service came as big relief, as it helps block calls or texts from those spammy businesses or people.

But the DND service doesn’t come without its disadvantage. One of which is that it triggers not receiving Binance security verification, or OTPs’ even from services you want -especially if it’s from an international organization -like Binance. You may not also be able to verify your line on sites that require OTP for phone verification.

How to know if you have DND active on your line.

Sometimes, it’s not Binance SMS not working, it’s DND preventing you from getting the texts. To know if you have DND Active on your line, send the word “STATUS” as text to 2442 (for users in Nigeria).

It’s as simple as that. If the DND is active on your phone line or not, you will get a response within minutes telling you so.

How to start getting OTP

If you are not receiving Binance security verification, you may do the following to start getting your OTP:

  • Go to an area with a better network or signal reception.
  • Ensure your mobile number is correctly input on the platform.
  • Deactivate DND.

Should I disable DND?

Your Binance phone verification not working maybe as a result of an active DND service on your line. The choice is yours in this case to disable it or not. DND protects your privacy from being invaded by spammers. However, it may also trigger not receiving Binance security verification on the said line. So, disabling or not is a decision you have to make.

How to check your DND status

The steps to disable DND are quite similar on the different networks in Nigeria. First, determine if DND is enabled on your line as explained above, then do the following depending on your network:

Remember; if you want to check your DND status on any network, text “STATUS” to 2442.

To disable DND on MTN

To stop receiving any unwanted or unsolicited messages on your MTN line, activate DND on it. Text “STOP” to 2442 to opt-in (that means activate DND and stop receiving unsolicited texts). If this stops you from receiving Binance OTP, then you may have to disable DND.

If you want to disable DND and allow texts from shortcodes, text “ALLOW” to 2442 to de-activate the DND service to enable you to receive OTP from Binance and other services

How to disable DND on Glo

In other to stop receiving any unsolicited SMS on Glo, activate DND. Text CANCEL to 2442 on your GLO line. Then text ALLOW to 2442 on your Glo line as an SMS if you want to start receiving them again (which may include Binance OTP).

To disable DND on Airtel

On Airtel, to activate DND, Text STOP to 2442. To receive all messages (including possibly, Binance OTP), text ALLOW to 2442.

How to disable DND on 9Mobile

To stop unsolicited SMS on 9Mobile, text “STOP” to the shortcode 2442, to allow DND, text Allow to 2442.

NB: Allowing DND means you accept to receive texts from shortcodes, bulk SMS services, and services like Binance, while “stopping” or “Cancel” means you don’t want to receive such texts.

For me, I use Google Authenticator (or Google Auth) app to get codes. So, if I carry out any P2P transaction (for instance), I use only Google Auth to approve it. But if sending funds to other addresses, I need all of the Email, SMS, and Google Auth codes –so, SMS codes are very important.

So, there you have it. For people who’s Binance phone verification not working has been a challenge for, I hope in the end, you’re now able to start receiving OTP on your line or know what to check if you experience Binance SMS not working. Don’t forget to share your experience below, and share this post on your social media, to help your friends.


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