Home Business How to Earn Over $200 Per Click on The Most Expensive Keywords

How to Earn Over $200 Per Click on The Most Expensive Keywords

best motorcycle accident attorney

The best motorcycle accident attorney phrase alone can make you rich!

Being a webmaster, have you thought of yourself as an entrepreneur? If not, I make bold to say you are. And what do entrepreneurs do? Create value and make a profit.

As a webmaster, you are also a writer, and one of the best ways to make a profit on your blog is by writing about the most expensive phrases. For instance, an example: “the best motorcycle accident attorney.”

Hold on, are you confused about that topic?

Wait, let me break it down. As a webmaster (who monetizes using Ad Sense), I earn from writing about certain keywords people search for. I don’t just write what I feel; I write what people want to know about. And people are constantly in search of Lawyers or attorneys.

That should have made it cheap to write about. But no, the reverse is the case. Trouble is expensive, you know! Leverage it.

Finding and hiring lawyers is one of the most common things people do in America daily, so it has become increasingly popular among lawyers and law firms to advertise themselves. This competition is what makes any search phrase with “attorney” or “lawyer” attached expensive.

Many webmasters waste time writing on their blogs and get almost nothing to show for it, but that is in the past now; follow the tips in this post, and smile to the bank.

So are you still asking, “what is my business on – pedestrian accident lawyer, car accident compensation, etc., as a writer”? SMH!!!

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Well, I’ll break it down for you even further.

All you need do is write on these topics. They are so many; find them and write about them. You can start a law blog, Find law firms to write for. If you are a lawyer, start a blog, write about this stuff, and make money.

I will give you tips on how to write on best motorcycle accident attorney as an example.

This is one of the best keywords to write on as a writer for your blog. Generally, any keyword with “attorney” or “lawyer” is expensive, as I already said.

How to write about the best motorcycle accident attorney and make money

To write on the mentioned keyword, you may need to check on Google Ad Words to find similar phrases. Once you’ve found topics you are comfortable with, you can carry out keyword research on them. Learn them well and write from your heart what you know about them.

You write better when you do it from your heart, which is why you need to learn the topic just as well as possible.

While writing (for a blog), do not forget to include LSI; this is the short form for Latent Semantic Indexing. This is a group of keywords related to the main keyword you are writing about. Including them helps the search engines better understand that your post is relevant and carries enough information. This gives you a better chance of appearing on the search engine result pages.

The current LSI for the best motorcycle accident attorney as of the time of writing includes the following: motorcycle personal injury lawyer, Motorcycle accident attorney near me, motorcycle accident lawyer, motorcycle attorneys, motorcycle attorney near me, motorcycle accident lawyer San Diego, top 10 personal injury lawyers, and car accident lawyer, etc.

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What this means is if you write on the primary topic, “best motorcycle accident attorney,” it is very important to include these other phrases, as it will give you a better SEO standing.

Don’t forget, LSI’s should also be used as subtopics.

On the other hand, if you do not write for your blog, you can become a freelance writer. This is simply writing for those who need writers. A good place to do so is on Fiverr. I am a writer on Fiverr and have written over 2000 articles for my clients.

There are other freelancing sites, and if you do not want an intermediary, you can source for clients yourself who would pay you to write for their law firm. This way, you can charge them as you please and do not have to worry about paying the intermediary charge as freelancers pay. (Fiverr charges 20% of every earning you make).

Will other phrases like top 10 personal injury lawyers do well?

The answer is yes! There are many expensive keywords you can write on; I only used that as an example. You can also write about: the top 10 personal injury lawyers for you, slip and fall attorneys, pedestrian accident attorney or pedestrian accident lawyer, auto accident lawyer or car accident lawyer.

I listed those keywords above simply because they are very easy to rank for. To get keywords, I use a keyword research tool which shows me keywords that are very easy to rank. I have articles on this blog (like this one) that are ranking with fewer than two links pointing to them. In total, my blog had about 18 links, according to now-defunct Alexa (when this content was written).

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So bloggers, there you have it. Write on the most rewarding keywords, and smile to the bank. Make sure that you don’t stuff your post with keywords. Use Yoast SEO to know your post’s keyword density and how well your article is in terms of readability.

Make sure your post adds value, so your readers can subscribe to you and return later.

Kindly share this if it helps you, and leave a comment too. Drop your questions in the comment section, so others can learn too if you need help; I’m willing to help and reply in super-fast time.



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