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21 Books You Must Read Before Your 21st Birthday

books teens should read

Books are generally amazing –and there are books teens should read. It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether 15 or 70, adolescent or adult, baby boomer, millennial or Generation Z, reading the right books can transform your life.

Books are a medium of meeting and conversing with the dead and long gone. They help you collect ideas and knowledge from those who we would have otherwise forgotten. They are a warehouse of knowledge and ideas.

You can get at least 2 of any of these books teens should read for free, thanks to our friends at Amazon audible. The service (from amazon) lets you listen to books in their audio form on your device. You can sign up, get two of these books for free, and start enjoying the service. You may also cancel at any time and keep the books you got for free, it’s all yours.

Why do you need to read?

Unlike knowledge and somewhat -wisdom, experience comes with age. Making mistakes and learning from them defines one’s experience. As an individual, you cannot live long enough to make all the mistakes and learn the necessary lessons from all the possible mistakes you make, hence the need to read as much as and wide as possible to gather as much experience as possible.

Reading gives the reader an unfair advantage. It ensures you get as much knowledge, wisdom, and (pseudo) experience to be precocious.

Picking the right books to start your journey may be overwhelming, understandably so there are lots of books out there. And of course, a lot of them are not as good as they promise.

In the following paragraphs, I have made a list of books teens should read –21 of them, which are good options to start reading. These books cut across a wide variety of genres, so there is something for everyone. More so, it brings a balance for you since the list touches a wide area of the life of a young adult.

21 books teens should read before their 21st birthday

48 Laws of Power

48 laws of power

In recommending good books for young adults, you cannot overlook the 48 laws of power.

You either manipulate, or you are already being manipulated. This book is a must-have for everyone. It is admired by those in the corridors of power –so this is a wonderful book to read. If you understand the laws, you can easily get your way around any situation you find yourself.

The 48 laws of power is a must-read at any time, it becomes even better if you are a teen, your eyes would be open to the world right before you.
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As a Man Thinketh

A very small book indeed, but the size of the book is a sharp contrast to the quality of the message.

The book discusses how you see yourself, and that whatever your belief of yourself is, you are right. As a man thinketh, so he is, as he continues to think, so he’ll remain, insists the author.

It’s an amazing book you don’t want to miss, what more? It’s very handy.
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Why You Act The Way You Do

Goodness me, this book is the bomb.
It is supposed to be sold for a thousand dollars because the author put in all the time in the world to explain the most delicate creature on earth –Humans.

You may have heard of the four temperaments, namely; Sanguine, Choleric, Phlegmatic and melancholy. This is one of the books teens should read because it explains how any of these temperaments affect their life, their choices, the career path they choose, how and why their interpersonal relationships turn out the way they do, etc.
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Who Are You Really And What Do You Want


Richard Helmstetter in this book reveals how our mind is programmed for success or failure from the day you are born, by your immediate environment and those around you, including your parents. He also advises how to correct whatever the mind has been erroneously programmed to do by ones’ environment, parents, friends et al.

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The book teaches how our mind is like a computer program, and how to reprogram your mind to get the desired results.

The book teaches improved self-talk. What you say to yourself when you look into the mirror, how much you know and should know about your self-talk, etc. This is one of the books teens should read to reprogram their minds positively.
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Think and Grow Rich


Is there anyone who doesn’t want to be rich? It’s hard to find such a person. Even if you don’t aspire to be in the ranks of the Bill Gates of Jeff Bezos’ of this world, the Warren Buffet, Aliko Dangote and others, the majority of us still wants to be financially comfortable.

This book exposes how the mind and willpower is the root of wealth. The author argues that financial wealth is a blossom of the mind and all its riches, so he instructs through the book how to work on the mind and how to build wealth from there–since all wealth begins right there.
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Rich Dad Poor Dad

This is an amazing book, through which the author became famous. ‘Rich dad poor dad’ narrates how education and schooling affect wealth creation. The author (Robert Kiyosaki) starts by narrating his journey with two men (his two dads) –one his Biological father and the other his friends’ father who turned out to be his financial mentor.

Robert tells how you can grow your wealth by not working for money. This book is superb. It has distinguished itself from other books on finance and has become one of the world’s most popular young adult books on Personal Finance.

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Gifted Hands

Gifted Hands

Are your hands gifted? Whether yes or no, it doesn’t matter –it’s time to learn from the life of one whose hands are truly gifted. Authored by one of the former Presidential aspirants of the United States, Dr Ben Carson.

This book is an autobiography of arguably the worlds’ greatest neurosurgeon. He was raised by a single parent –his mom who could neither read nor write. Her kids –Ben and Curtis, were permanently rooted to the bottom of the class, not only that –they were black and lived in an America plagued with racism. However, their mum took it upon herself to turn the life of her kids around.

The book is both inspiring and motivational, it x-rays how determination and zeal deliver success in the long run. It also talks about responsibility. It is one of the best books for teens.

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Think Big


This is another Ben Carson’s masterclass -a bestseller that is true. Think Big is an acronym, and you’d want to find out how it affects you and can help you grow.

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Take The Risk


Take the risk brings to fore the tricky choices Dr Ben Carson had to make in his enviable career. The book reinstates the long-held fact that –to succeed, risks must be taken, albeit calculated and you don’t just take risks, you have to be fast about it as well.

This is the 3rd Ben Carson’s book I’m recommending because aside from the fact that he’s a wonderful Doctor, his life is a testimony every youth should study. Every single of Carson’s books are books teens should read.

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How to Win Friends and Influence People

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Who doesn’t want to influence?

Growing up will present you the opportunities of meeting more people, you will attend meetings and there would be times where you’ll be expected to take decisions, you will need the ability to convince people –you will need influence. You may also need friends at some point in your life, this is one of the books teens should read because it teaches them how to make friends effortlessly and influence as many people as possible.

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After reading this book, it becomes a stroll in the park to get people to think as you want them to. The author put in a lot of work to make sure the book is worth the while, and a good read too. This is one of the best books for teens who are looking to be leaders.
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Eat That Frog

Eat that frog

As we grow, we are faced with many more responsibilities. It seems we need more than 24 hours daily to achieve as much as possible, this book teaches how to make the most of the little time you have to achieve the most important task of all the tasks at hand.

This is one of the most important books teens should read on Procrastination, why and how you must avoid it like a plague.

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Public Speaking

Public speaking

Public speaking is an art. You either have the talent, or you don’t. But here is good news, you
can learn it.

Just as some people, funnily enough, fear spiders and bugs, even more, people fear addressing an audience.

This is one of the books teens should read if they don’t want that fear or want to eliminate the fear before adulthood comes. You may also want to build on your strength if you currently don’t fear talking to a group of people. The book is a very good tool in learning public speaking and you would find the process very interesting.

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The Rules of Love


The issue of love and emotion cannot be ruled out in the life of young adults. Just when you think love doesn’t concern you, someone comes around and sweeps you off your feet. So it’s best to be informed and educated on love. This is majorly important because when you are not prepared about love, you will make mistakes –silly ones at that.

It doesn’t matter if you love teen romance books or not –you’d love this. All the books by Richard Templar are amazing and highly recommended, they include but are not limited to; the rules of love, rules of management, rules of work (which is the next on this list), etc. You will find them all interesting and captivating. You may replace one of the teen romance books lined up on your list with this one, you’d thank me for it.

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The Rules of Work

At 21, many people are ready to start building their careers; so a lot of young adults will start working full time, hence the importance of understanding the rules of work.

This is one of the books teens should read because it exposes them to the work environment. The Dos and don’ts, and how to grow in your workplace. How about managing your boss and Your junior staff members, etc. It doesn’t even matter if you run your business or you are employed in a 9-5 job.
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7 Habits of Highly Effective People

7 Habits of highly effective people

One of the biggest problems most people face in adulthood is being ineffective. And one of the reasons for this is because they never planned for it as they grew.
With this book, you can equip yourself with the necessary information on being effective.

This is one of the books teens should read on being productive as they grow into adulthood. Brian Tracy worked hard to make this book one of the best books for teens and adults on productivity and effectiveness.

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Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do

In your adulthood, you will face challenges –there are no two ways about that. You may need to tap into people’s experiences to draw strength. This helps you to know how to overcome problems when they come.

Tough times are very crucial parts of our lives and we all need to have the right mentality and be prepared when they come. So this one of the books teens should read on challenges. The book will help you in becoming a tough person in all facets of life.

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Attitude 101

Attitude 101

Your attitude determines your altitude –you may have heard that before. This book explains why. If you have ever met a rude waiter, a customer care attendant at the bank with poor manners, etc. this book tells why and how to improve on it –so you don’t become one.

It has been written by a renowned author who is vastly experienced in the subject of leadership and personal growth, rest assured, the quality instructions in this book are simple to learn. Your Attitude is a team player in your life and you need to make sure it’s not “rotten”.
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Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man

Act like a lady, think like a man

This book is one of the best books for teenage girls and grown ladies. For some, going into relationships hasn’t been rosy, but frustrating and exasperating –a contrast to the original idea.

If you do not know what guys desire in a lady, you just might be putting a square peg in a round hole. This book helps in understanding how to make a guy go on one knee and pop the most important question every lady wants to answer. And I think you should get it for yourself, even if you are not ready to date yet.
If you are a guy reading this, and you have a sister, a female friend or even a girlfriend, get one for any or all of them, this is one of the best books for teenage girls.

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21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

21 irrefutable laws of leadership

If you want to be a leader (not everyone wants to) then there is a need to understand the laws governing leadership.

You don’t want to make the mistakes most leaders make and wreck your organization. You don’t want to be despised by your followers or seen as an incompetent leader.

So understanding how to lead is important in the life of any young adult. Whether you anticipate a leadership role or not.

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360-Degree Leader

360-degree leader

This is another amazing book by John Maxwell. Our selection this time teaches how to be an all around leader. And is one of the books teens should read.

After learning how to lead in the 21 Irrefutable laws of leadership, you need to know how to maintain your status as a competent leader and lead throughout the organizational ladder.

He also emphasizes that leadership does not only entails you holding a position in an organization, but involves mostly how you handle people, etc.

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Improve Your Life in 80 Days

Improve your life in 80 days

Although this is last on the list, it is not the least, it’s one of the best books teens should read.

Improve your life in 80 days help you to understand the core values you must work on in your personal life to be an all-around phenomenal individual. After reading this you are ready to begin your journey to being amazing.

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These are all amazing books. Reading them would help you become larger than life. They give you an unfair advantage and help you stay ahead of your contemporaries.

You can get at least two of these books for free, thanks to our friends at Amazon audible –a service from Amazon that allows you to listen to audiobooks.

Simply create your amazon account, and start your one-month free trial. No issues, you can cancel before the end of 30 days if you do not want to continue with the service –and you can keep the book forever too.

Share this post about books teens should read with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. it will help someone get better. So, over to you, So what do you think?



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